In an attempt to give equity to employees, have you factored in the impact of individual quantum, alternate instruments, grant frequency, liquidity, vesting conditions and other aspects of the Equity Compensation Plan? Since Equity Compensation Plans have long term implications and should be evaluated from stakeholders’ perspectives, you would need guidance from experienced professionals in this area.



Equity compensation has a lot to do with the corporate philosophy. What are the strategies for achieving corporate objectives and where and how does equity compensation fit in to execute those strategies? We work with the compensation committee and senior management to identify these linkages and conceptualization contours of the Plan.


On receiving a go-ahead from the compensation committee and senior management the hi-level framework is drilled down to finer aspects of Plan design. Company specific expectations, industry bench-marking and best practices are embedded into the Plan.
This is followed by drafting the Plan document along with necessary shareholder and Board resolutions. In case the Plan is to be implemented through the Trust route, we also create a Trust to manage the Plan.


The concept of ESOP goes much beyond being a tool of monetary incentivization. For the employee to get a sense of ownership and belonging to the company, it is imperative they appreciate the value and benefits of their options. We conduct interactive sessions with the employees to educate them on what they possess in the form of ESOP. This lends transparency as well as builds up mutual trust.

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