Thought Leadership

We strive to be a partner to our clients. In order to earn a position where our clients trust us completely to act in their best interest and rely on our capabilities, we must be thought leaders.
Our team is constantly awake and alert to every development, global best practices and regulatory framework in the equity compensation space. Lifelong learning is a faith and practice we follow that helps us be in a position of authority on the subject.

Customer Centricity

Customer is always at the center of whatever we do, yet not in a subservient way. We think in their shoes, but also direct their thinking as an impartial party to benefit them. We customize solutions to their needs, and move in a hand-holding capacity at their pace and comfort, in that we also offer modular services and solutions. This not only applies to clients in the market but to our internal divisions and companies that avail of our services as well.


We are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity with respect to client data and information. We respect the confidence with which our clients share their confidential data with us and we honor that faith by adhering to best practices in data management and internal controls. Our strong belief in integrity also extends to our day to day business operations, our people practices, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Respect for Individual

Individual respect is a solicitously nurtured value at ESOP Direct. Every team member at ESOP Direct is respected for their skills, talent and personal commitment, and the value they add to work. We respect every client and associate for what they are, and perpetually learn from them. We believe that respect for knowledge, skills, experience, age and relationships is the biggest catalyst in personal and professional success.