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How do ESOPs help in retaining employees?

ESOPs as a part of compensation strategy, have multiple objectives to achieve. These not only help in creating wealth for employees, but also, align employees’ objectives with the Company’s overall goal and help in retention. In the current dynamic business environment, it is essential for any organization to retain key talents in the eco-system. Retaining [...]

How do ESOPs help in retaining employees?2023-05-03T13:15:43+00:00

What makes ESOPs a hit or miss?

ESOP or Equity Compensations Plan, a mechanism to render ownership interest to Employees in an Organisation, is already a widespread practice in the Western world. In India, thanks to the growing start-up ecosystem, ESOP is steadily gaining the momentum and the required attention. ESOP, at its core is implemented to drive outcomes like retaining resources, [...]

What makes ESOPs a hit or miss?2023-04-12T09:59:16+00:00

Communicating ESOPs with employees

Equity based compensation in any form or shape is relatively complicated to understand and also difficult to communicate. However, that precisely is the reason why communication is key to ensure its success.  For good reason, globally companies earmark a significant budget for Plan communication. Communication in every form is crucial for the success of any [...]

Communicating ESOPs with employees2023-04-12T10:01:12+00:00

Can ESOPs be a substitute for lower cash compensation?

ESOPs, broadly known as Equity based compensation, are often looked upon as variable non cash compensation in the Total Rewards strategy. Variable, because its value varies with growth in the business valuation. Non-cash, because any Equity based instrument, by default, is encashed through trading in the stock market. So the buyer of that instrument, not [...]

Can ESOPs be a substitute for lower cash compensation?2023-04-12T10:01:30+00:00

Who should be covered under ESOPs?

ESOP or any Equity based compensation instrument is more complex to understand than any other mode of compensation. At the same time, being a costly instrument, it needs to be used carefully. Simple answer to – who should be covered? is that give it to those who understand it and appreciate its value.  This [...]

Who should be covered under ESOPs?2023-04-12T10:03:00+00:00

How much Equity should be kept aside for ESOPs?

ESOPs get converted into Equity shares and result in dilution of existing shareholders’ ownership. In this context, how much Equity should the Promoters keep aside is a key decision while implementing any ESOP Plan.  The decision needs to be evaluated keeping in mind viewpoints of both the stakeholders viz. promoters (existing shareholders) and the [...]

How much Equity should be kept aside for ESOPs?2023-04-12T10:02:05+00:00

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