ESOP Direct

SaaS (Use our Software & Do it yourself)

For companies who want to go the ‘DIY' mode for management of the ESOPs plans, ESOP Direct offers it web-based proprietary portal, My ESOPs to the client in the Software as a Service (SAAS) mode.

Features of My ESOPs (SAAS Model)

Client will upload and manage the data on their own with no dependency on ESOP Direct. So relevant data of new grants, exercise details, separations, transfers etc can be updated by client directly on the system

Direct access to All MIS Reports from the system, available 24/7 such as:

           • Grant Consolidated Report
           • Grant Summary Report
           • Cancellation / Lapse Report
           • Vestwise Report
           • Individual Options Summary Report

Complete automation of the data and reporting.

Employee self service (via web-based logins) can be enabled by the client directly.

ESOP Direct will web-host the system and provide technical support and maintenance for the system.

A dedicated email ID will be provided for support to the client representative by ESOP Direct

ESOP Direct will set up the account in the system and do the initial data migration as well for the client. One training session will be provided as a part of the set up