I am excited to announce completion of 21 years of our existence !!

Harshu Ghate
Managing Director |

When we did an ESOP consulting assignment for a client in 2000, we knew that we have found a niche where we could be early movers. The domain was knowledge rich and was also emerging then in view of increased globalisation of Indian economy. We soon realised that the niche was not only an inch wide but also a mile deep. There again was an opportunity to be a specialist – a mindset we could closely associate ourselves with. So began the journey.

We have stood by our conviction to be a specialist and avoided the temptations of latching on other low hanging opportunities which came up quite often along the way.

We are glad to have been quite closely associated and in some way instrumental, in making Equity compensation as an integral part of any talent related discussion in the Board room.

As Indian economy steps into an era of sustained growth fuelled by a vibrant start-up ecosystem, we believe we will continue to be relevant and sought after.

We as pioneers and market leaders, will continue to strive for introducing innovative and creative solutions and will continue to raise the bar for ourselves. We will keep delighting our customers.

A big shout out to all our employees (current and past), our customers, suppliers and partners for helping us reach this milestone. We would need their continued support and wishes for our onward journey, which looks very promising and exciting.