ESOP Direct

Advantage ESOP Direct

We strongly believe in Focus and Specialization.

Focus and specialize in niche area - one inch wide and one mile deep. This helps us -

Customer centricity is core to our business philosophy. We believe in engaging with each of our customers in the entire life cycle of stock option plans. As a specialist, we feel duty bond to be on the customer's side, whenever he needs any help in our domain. Our service offerings are structured to ensure that we are not only reactive to the customer's needs but also pro-active in terms of his prospective needs. This also implies that we have Customer Satisfaction Surveys as a part of our normal business process and we regularly respond to every feedback our customers give on our services.

Customers are our best reference and we encourage you to talk to them.

Integrity is our key business value. We are aware that during our engagement with our customers we are privy to sensitive information. We are committed to maintain confidentiality of all the customers' specific sensitive information. We are accountable for our actions and communication.

Knowledge worship is something that is ingrained in our ethos. Each one of us truly believes in enhancing our knowledge and expertise in our domain. This involves keeping updated with the regulatory changes, global trends and practices and their relevance to Indian situations and being pro- active in thinking of creative solutions to suite individual customer's needs.