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Equity Compensation Trends - 2011

Is your Equity Compensation Plan in line with your peers or other companies in India ?

What are other companies in India doing in terms of administration of the
plan ?

Are companies changing their Equity compensation plans due to regulatory changes ?

And much more ...

We are back with our fourth annual survey - Equity Compensation Trends - 2011, India's most comprehensive survey on Equity Compensation Trends. The survey covers the entire gamut of issues faced by companies while designing and managing Equity compensation plans. We have also added new questions with respect to regulatory changes, administrative practices, accounting changes and issues faced by overseas employees.

In spite of the wide coverage of Employee Stock Options Plans in India, there is no authentic source of information that gives the general trends in designing and implementing Stock Option Plans. This survey provides a good benchmarking for companies while designing plans as well as implementation trends for companies who have already implemented ESOPs.

The survey covers the following three broad topics :

Evaluation of Objectives and Effectiveness of Stock based Compensation
It covers the objective of implementing Equity Based Compensation Plans and evaluating their effectiveness. It also covers the change / shift in the strategy of implementing Equity compensation plans over the past year and implementation of alternative instruments.

Design Trends

Design Trends are aimed at grant practices followed generally in the industry, such as benefit sought to be passed on to employees, coverage, exercise price, vesting conditions, exit route in case of unlisted companies etc.

Implementation Trends

Implementation Trends provides information on exercise trends - how long do employees generally wait to exercise their options, is the trend different between the senior and junior management, trends on collection and calculation of perquisite tax, plan communication and new accounting rules considering the convergence with IFRs

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