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Plan Administration - Indian & Global

For Indian Companies

For companies having Indian plans we provide a full spectrum of ESOP Management service using our proprietary on-line platform My ESOP. The service includes Plan administration, employee communication, help desk, on-line Reports, perquisite tax calculation and reporting. Our experienced team of professionals brings in expertise in providing consistent and accurate data management, prompt and diligent employee help desk and generation of management reporting.

Features of My ESOPs


We take care of end-to-end responsibility for your ESOP Plan Management. All critical processes and activities for ESOP Administration from registration of grants, to reporting is taken care of by our well trained Plan Management team. Individual option holders are provided online access to their ESOP information and status through a secured log in and password. The Corporate representatives (Process owners at the customer's end) are given separate Management access based on their role and hierarchy, which allows them access to company wide information and reports.
We assign dedicated resources to client to ensure smooth interaction and resolution of open issues and we deliver to the agreed service levels.


The Plan management service is offered using our proprietary web based platform My ESOPs. My ESOPs is hosted in our dedicated servers at state of the art data centres. To ensure safety & security of clients confidential data/we follow industry best practices in

Track Record

We currently manage over 250 Plans for companies covering more than 1,00,000 employees based globally.

Delivery Model Outsourced Plan Management Service

We undertake the entire management and administration of the ESOP plans. The only involvement of the customer is to inform us whenever there is a Grant, separation of employee and change in the scheme terms. We take care of the rest.

Why should you outsource your ESOP Management

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For Global Companies

For companies having global ESOP plans covering employees across multiple countries, we provide a full spectrum of ESOP Management service using our on-line platform OPTRACK.

OPTRACK is a web-based application designed to manage all tasks associated with stock based compensation for both publicly traded and private companies.

Administrators can access OPTRACK anytime, anywhere through the internet. OPTRACK keeps track of stock grants, exercises, and forfeitures/cancellations and all administration, accounting and reporting needs related to stock based compensation.

Features of OPTRACK

OPTRACK supports separate registries for all the following Award Types.
• Incentive Stock Options (ISO)
• Non-qualified Stock Options (NSO)
• Warrants
• Restricted Shares
• Equity Settled Share Appreciation Rights
• Cash Settled Share Appreciation Rights
• Performance-based Stock Awards

Option Exercise: Supports both regular cash and cashless Exercise Types.
• Regular Certificate/Cash
• Same Day Sale (through a broker of your own choice)
• Surrender to Cover
• Buy Back/surrender all shares for intrinsic value

Supports Expiry/Cancellation/Forfeitures.

Option Vesting and Amortization: Creates the Vesting and Amortization schedule automatically based on the setup chosen by the administrator.

Option Status and Summary: Provides the summary of different award status both for the option pool and the individual option holders, and below each summary, a detailed drilldown including individual grants, exercises, and cancellations.

Employee Notifications: Generates automatically the following types of letter notifications on company-specific letterhead.

Advanced Features: Supports advanced option activities such as the following.
• Departmental Black-out Period Setups
• Vesting and Expense Acceleration
• Expense Acceleration
• Vesting Deceleration
• Option Re-pricing/ Modifications
• Performance Options Setup and Expensing

Multi-national features: Supports Option Administration for Multi-national Entities.
• Multinational Interest Rate Listings
• Foreign Exchange Rate Registry
• Differentiation of Reporting and Exercise Currencies

Corporate Actions: Supports automation of all types of corporate actions.
• Stock Dividend
• Stock Split
• Consolidation

OPTRACK is fully compliant with the guidelines of CICA 3870, IFRS and ASC 718 (formerly known as FAS 123R).

For Reporting under IFRS, OPTRACK provides IFRS-2 compliant option expense, reporting and disclosures, and IAS-33 compliant share dilution report. The primary difference between IFRS and Canadian/US GAAP is the fact that not only do the assumptions need to be disclosed, but the justification of these assumptions need to be disclosed as well, as specified in Paragraph-44 in IFRS-2.


Log in: Secure login where access can be controlled based on the user's authorization. All logins are tracked and a report can be generated showing the date and time the user logged in.

Security: OPTRACK's network connectivity is encrypted using 128-bit data encryption, and there is a firewall existing between the production environment and the public domain. Access to data and application is restricted based on user roles, and audit trails are enabled for the different roles. In addition, all employees of OPTRACK have signed the non-disclosure agreement and the privacy agreement.

Backup and Recovery: OPTRACK's application is backed-up on a daily basis, and a comprehensive redundant backup strategy is in place to protect client data against computer equipment failures.

Implementation: OPTRACK ensures that the raw data for all the clients is kept in a secure place and is backed-up regularly. Once the data is received, it is thoroughly analyzed, and upon the completion of loading the data, the totals are reconciled against the totals in the raw data.

Support: OPTRACK is widely known for its customer service and a superb team of Business Analysts. Client support is available 24/7 and can be reached via phone or email

Efficient ESOP management is the key to the success of your ESOP Plan - Leave it to the experts to handle it - Leave it to us.